tiistai 27. huhtikuuta 2010

Pies and prejudice in the Lakes

Just returned from a brilliant weekend in the Lake District. Me and Nick fished a variety of Lakeland waters, ranging from hill tarns to the lovely river Eden, taking in the browns of Kentmere in between. The lowlight of the weekend was being turned away from a B+B in Windemere. The incredibly rude owner of Brendan Chase B+B refused to let me and Nick stay, despite having vacancies, on the grounds that we were 'two men in a room', stating that he 'didn't approve of that sort of thing'. It seems he thought we were going to get all Brokeback in his stinking little hovel. Racial or sexual prejudice is not acceptable in this day and age and I urge readers to avoid this place like the plague. I would have been even more offended had I actually been gay, but this is nonetheless a disgusting affront.

On the upside, we bagged a load of trout and had a cracking weekend.