maanantai 8. helmikuuta 2010

Find the Lady

Nick and I spent Saturday morning chasing grayling on a nearby river. It felt great to be casting a line again, and although the fish didn't show themselves until the last hour or so, we had a great time exploring some new water. I can't wait until the weather warms up and we can get stuck into some top of the water action.

maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2010

Winter Piking

Here's some snaps from a weekend mission up to Grasmere. The lake was frozen over round the margins so we had all sorts of fun smashing through the ice to get afloat on the water. Despite freezing conditions and a conspicuous lack of pike, we had a brilliant day exploring the lake, and drinking steaming hot coffee from one of Nick's many flasks. Surveying a tarn we passed on the way back I was left dreaming of spring and the sight of rising fish in the margins....not long to go now.