Monday, 5 October 2009

Lunkseville, Bolton

Nick made his customary Sunday morning phone call to me at 8 30am, imploring me to head with haste to Salford and thence into the hills for some late season stockie action. My first cast - with a hopper on the dead drift - was consumed with a huge swirl and from then on in it was a brilliant day with fish caught, lost and missed. There was always something going on to keep us interested, and late on in the day Nick tied into an absolute lunker which kept him busy for a good ten minutes. There can't be too many days like this left in the year, with warm sunshine bringing some really nice fish to the surface. We finished the day with a lovely bit of cottage pie. It doesn't get any better than this! Thanks also to Nick for bringing a nice flask of coffee with him. What a gent.


phil-k said...

Looks great fun.

Not too sure where you fished.I feel should recognise it but I don't.

Me and Mike are fishing a place next week thats so full of 4lb Rainbows you could walk on water.So even he should catch a couple.: )

Are you coming to see Paul Proctor at the fly club in a couple of weeks time.Should be good.

Tony said...

Good fishing, not been on since my last visit with Phil-k if I'm on the rite water U....R........TH no boats when we fished it so not 100% sure, is the ticket price reduced now and when does it close?

Tom said...

Alright chaps

the photos are from upper roddlesworth near belmont, bolton. at 11 quid is was great value and there was plenty of action on top. perfect for a dead drifted daddy or a hopper.
as you can see from the fish nick got, there are some lunkers in there!


Mike Duddy said...

I didnt realise that Ali G was into fishing