Monday, 20 April 2009

The Fishless Salt Flats of Bolivia

The salt flats of the Atticama desert in Bolivia stretch as far a the eye can see, and take in an extraordinary range of geological features. Unfortunately, the desert is practically lifeless and boasts numerous saline lake with no fish in them. The only other living creatures in the desert other than hoardes of backpackers were thousands of flamingos and the occassional rabbit type animal.I steadfastly refused to take a photo of the flamingos as I believe them to be shite. All pink and gangly, just like the gap year students photographing them.

In any case, the desert provided a fascinating diversion to my piscatorial pursuits, and myself, Rick and Miriam had no end of fun sampling the culinary delights provided for us by our cook. Mmmmm. Next stop Peru!

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