Friday, 3 April 2009

A Final Hit

My last day of fishing in Patagonia was tinged with melancholy. How to say goodbye to such a wonderful place? Safe in the knowledge that I wouldn't be flyfishing for trout for some time, I set out for one final session on the Rio Limay. I caught scores of small browns and rainbows on nymphs, and then bid a teary farewell to Patagonia. As the sun set on the river I resolved to return one day.
After the fishless wilderness of Bolivia it's off to the Caribbean for some pulsating saltwater action.Can't wait!

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Santiago said...

Hi Tom, it seems that you made the best out of your visit to Patagonia. Nice blog, I wish I could be in San Martin de los Andes right now, taking naps by the lake and drinking nothing but Callia wine (I'll leave all the fishing to you!). Greeting from the #1 Smiths fan in Argentina.