Friday, 27 February 2009

To The Manor Born!

I've finally found my calling in life. I've realised that I was born to be a country gent with a large estancia that teems with game. Not for me the life of a humble teacher. I want to gad about on horseback and raise a healthy head of cattle, all the time keeping a watchful eye out for marauding puma.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the estancia of a wealthy Argentinian industrialist for a couple of nights, and was looked after by Marco, his chief gaucho, and his lovely family. We ragged it about the massive 100,000 hectare estate in a pickup truck, spotting wild guanacos, armadillos and all manner of other creatures. There are many pumas on the estate too, so I was glad to be tucked up in the manor house at night rather than camping!
It was surreal to be waited on hand and foot by domestic staff, feasting on banquets of Patagonian lamb and drinking fine wines. I was born to do this!

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