Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Holy Trinity

Here are a collection of photos from two of the most famous rivers in Patagonia, the Traful and the Limay. Also included are some pictures from a camping trip to the Alicura Dam, which stems the flow of the Limay. I saw some absolutely huge fish here but failed to tempt one from my new favourite toy, a pontoon boat. These things are excellent and can be packed away into a rucksack. I managed a couple of Perca, and indigenous fish similar to the North American Bass. It has been speculated that the biggest trout in all of Patagonia could lie in the massive Alicura Dam. I had to make do with watching their huge backs emerging from the water late in the day. Both Rich and Eli managed to catch nice browns to 5lb. Mum, stop worrying, I'm not going to drown. Nick, got another 10 days here in Patagonia then going to bust up north to Bolivia. Not sure what the script is with fishing there but will give it a whirl anyway.

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Paul said...

Walrus vs Polar Bear, not a classic but interesting nevertheless..