lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2009

A Holy Trinity

Here are a collection of photos from two of the most famous rivers in Patagonia, the Traful and the Limay. Also included are some pictures from a camping trip to the Alicura Dam, which stems the flow of the Limay. I saw some absolutely huge fish here but failed to tempt one from my new favourite toy, a pontoon boat. These things are excellent and can be packed away into a rucksack. I managed a couple of Perca, and indigenous fish similar to the North American Bass. It has been speculated that the biggest trout in all of Patagonia could lie in the massive Alicura Dam. I had to make do with watching their huge backs emerging from the water late in the day. Both Rich and Eli managed to catch nice browns to 5lb. Mum, stop worrying, I'm not going to drown. Nick, got another 10 days here in Patagonia then going to bust up north to Bolivia. Not sure what the script is with fishing there but will give it a whirl anyway.

The Caleufu

Here are a few photos from a day out fishing the Rio Caleufu, an incredible river that flows through high desert country. Even with very warm conditions and low water the river fished like a dream. It's a Patagonian classic! The concentrations of fish here were excellent, and fortunately the wind decided to be kind to us. I'm going to try and squeeze another session in here before making my way up north to Bolivia.

perjantai 27. helmikuuta 2009

To The Manor Born!

I've finally found my calling in life. I've realised that I was born to be a country gent with a large estancia that teems with game. Not for me the life of a humble teacher. I want to gad about on horseback and raise a healthy head of cattle, all the time keeping a watchful eye out for marauding puma.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the estancia of a wealthy Argentinian industrialist for a couple of nights, and was looked after by Marco, his chief gaucho, and his lovely family. We ragged it about the massive 100,000 hectare estate in a pickup truck, spotting wild guanacos, armadillos and all manner of other creatures. There are many pumas on the estate too, so I was glad to be tucked up in the manor house at night rather than camping!
It was surreal to be waited on hand and foot by domestic staff, feasting on banquets of Patagonian lamb and drinking fine wines. I was born to do this!

torstai 19. helmikuuta 2009

High Mountain Lakes

I've just returned from a two day trip up to some high mountain lakes. Along with my new friends Juan, Eli and Rich, my lumbering frame was carted up steep mountain passes by an unfortunate horse whose name escapes me. The lakes were stunning and literally teemed with trout, including some absolute lunkers. I was content to catch a couple while my companions cleared up, catching rainbows to 8lb from float tubes.
This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited yet and I felt lucky to be there. Apparently these lakes are seldom reached and seldom fished....what an experience!

perjantai 13. helmikuuta 2009

A Steak Dinner....and a few days on the Malleo.

I've just returned from 4 days fishing the Rio Malleo. The river winds its way through parched scrub and high desert country, bringing it to life, even in the baking heat. I camped in a Mapuche Indian reservation, in an idyllic spot by the river. The fishing was magic in the mornings and evenings, with loads caught and lost.
I can't do justice to this river with words, so I am going to dedicate this excellent photo of a recent steak I cooked instead.