Friday, 2 January 2009

The Magic of the Malleo

I think I've found my favourite river so far! In fact, I'll be heading up to the Malleo for a session with caddis this very evening. As you can see from the snaps and the videos I posted, it's a beautiful river, and it's absolutely teeming with rainbows and browns that love to come up to the surface and nail a well presented dry fly. It fished really well in the mornings and evenings, and was also very forgiving in the middle of the afternoon, when many rivers go to sleep. I caught some cracking fish on my two visits there and am keen to explore it yet further. I'd been considering moving on and exploring pastures new, but have decided to stick around and try and work this river out properly. Thanks go to Carter for the 'psycho caddis' that accounted for the three big fish in the videos. Having only explored 1-2km of the water I'm anxious to see some more.....bring on the evening!!!!! If you like fishing with dry flies you have GOT to see this river!


Nick Carter said...

what a belting looking river with superb fish to boot!

god, i'd love to be out there casting a dry right now - lap it up mate!

Mike Duddy said...

Theres been one thing stopping me from commenting on your blog, despite the fact that i read it regularly.