Thursday, 1 January 2009

Chimehuen nights

I've just fulfilled the ambition of lifetime by catching trout on christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day. Stick that in yer sack santa! The magic of the rio chimehuen shone like a bauble 'gainst the glow of a roaring hearth. Trout after trout fell to a well presented caddis and feelings of intense homesickness were soon forgotten as the music of a screaming reel pierced the silence of the patagonian dusk. Photos courtesy of Ling, a taiwanese computer genius who accompanied me in order to 'take photo of real engrish fisherman'.What a gent.
This river will live long in the memory. An Argentinian classic.
Yet, incredibly, these Chimehuen nights were a mere prelude to the magic of the Malleo.......

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