lauantai 31. tammikuuta 2009

This One's For the Boys!

This post is dedicated to my two erstwhile fishing partners, Dad and Carter. I know they'll be thrilled to see the photos of me with this absolute LUNKER of an Atlantic Salmon, caught at the mouth of the Rio Yelcho, as it flows out of Lago Yelcho. I was hoping to catch something like this when I set out in November, and I'll be lucky if I ever get another one like it again. When I get home I am going to enlarge a photo of the fish, and I hope to grow old looking at it and thinking back to the time I caught it. The fish was caught with 8lb line in fast, dep water. It's a miracle I landed it! The first thing I thought of once I had it on the bank was the reaction of Dad and Nick once they saw the photo. Any guesses on how big it is?

This one's for you, boys!

Oh, by the way, Lago Yelcho was lovely - I'm going to head back up in that direction tomorrow and see what I can tempt out. Surely nothing like this one........

Alerces Revisited

A place like Parque National Los Alerces is worthy of more than a single, fleeting trip. Here are some snaps from two return visits. For those of you wondering about the dude with the beard, that's my mate Gustavo. For those of you wondering about the lovely ladies, they're my friends from Buenos Aires, whom I spent a lovely day with in a hire car. I'm looking forward to being shown the sights of Buenos Aires with them when I return in April.
Alerces was amazing; the fishing was tough at times, but those fish I did catch were of a nice size and in really good condition. The only thing I don't like about the place are the 'tabanos', large, highly aggressive horseflies that seem to love eating me, especially at critical fishing moments. The only thing goog enough for these things is DEATH. My kill count stands at over 200! It seems strange that god felt it necessary to temper the creation of this spectacular place by adding these sodding insects to the equation!!
My 90 days are nearly up in Argentina, so I'm off to Chile now to have a look around....

torstai 22. tammikuuta 2009

Paradise in Parque National Los Alerces

Report to follow. Here are some photos of the last 2 weeks, spent in and around Parque National Los Alerces. What a place!