keskiviikko 11. marraskuuta 2009

Wake me up when it's March

It's about this time of year that I start to get a bit gloomy. Dreadful weather , Iceland adverts on the telly, no dry fly fishing.....November really is the cruelest month. Anyway, after looking through some old fishing pics I thought I'd share them with any readers of this blog. The majority come from my Patagonian summer last year. March, and the glories of English springtime, cannot come soon enough for this melancholy fisherman.

maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2009

What the hell?

What do you think this ominous looking shadow is?

I was just looking back at some newly developed photos of my South American trip and thought that readers of this blog might care to speculate on the type of fish in question. It looked to weigh upwards of 30lbs.....

maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2009

Lunkseville, Bolton

Nick made his customary Sunday morning phone call to me at 8 30am, imploring me to head with haste to Salford and thence into the hills for some late season stockie action. My first cast - with a hopper on the dead drift - was consumed with a huge swirl and from then on in it was a brilliant day with fish caught, lost and missed. There was always something going on to keep us interested, and late on in the day Nick tied into an absolute lunker which kept him busy for a good ten minutes. There can't be too many days like this left in the year, with warm sunshine bringing some really nice fish to the surface. We finished the day with a lovely bit of cottage pie. It doesn't get any better than this! Thanks also to Nick for bringing a nice flask of coffee with him. What a gent.

perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2009

Return to the River

It's great to be back home! Or so I keep telling myself. Nonetheless it was great to get out and fish some beats new and old. Nick and myself had two sessions, and whilst the fishing has been better, it was good to work our way upstream with beer in waders and caddis on tippet. September days are precious indeed....

maanantai 6. heinäkuuta 2009

keskiviikko 24. kesäkuuta 2009

torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2009

San Blas Islands, Panama

These have got to be the most beautiful beaches and islands I've ever seen...get to the San Blas islands, Panama, before the planet warms up!