Thursday, 18 December 2008

Return to Hua Hum

I've just got back from a five day camping trip to Lago Filo Hua Hum, a beautiful lake that I visited a month or so back. Upon arriving I couldn't believe my eyes...the lake that had been wind battered, intimidating grey expanse was now as placid as a millpond. As you can see from the photos it's a truly stunning place. At night the array of stars was incredible, with satellites and shooting stars thrillingly punctuating my reverie as I gazed upwards in awe. I've never seen anything like it. I have to admit that I took particular pleasure from watching the moon rise over the lake whilst listening to 1980's music, such as the Thomson Twins and A-Ha. What have I become?!!!

The fishing was brilliant, with great action in the mornings fishing big dries close to the reed beds. The last hour of daylight brought some great fishing too, and hearing the distant 'plosh' of huge trout rising in the lake to caddis flies and moths will live long in the memory.

The nicest thing about my stay was encountering some absolutely lovely people. On my first day I managed to somehow get a barbed treble hook wedged firmly into my ankle. That will teach me to spin fish! Luckily an Argentinian bloke was on hand, and he managed to first cut the hook off from the lure, and then to remove the barbed part from my ankle by passing the hook back through a section of skin usung pliers. It fucking hurt, but I was quite proud of how brave I was. I was a little perturbed by the fact that his 7 year old daughter gawped at me in fascination as he performed lakeside surgery. A drop of iodine, and a plaster, and I was off to fish again. What smashing people these Argentinians are!

I also made friends with a truly lovely family from Bariloche. Marcela, Joaquin and Luli fed and watered me and provided lovely company on the last two days. The kids were soooooo cute!

Unfortunately I failed to deliver the monster trout I had promised them when we went fishing on the last evening, but I think they forgive me. I can't emphasise enough how nice the people in this country are, and meeting them has made me resolve to improve my Spanish.


smashers said...

Yo Tomas - just discovered the blog after Liss tipped me off. you lucky bugger you...I'd cut my arm off with a rusty trowel to be lobbing flies over there with you old son. thankfully looks like you're getting the hang of taking piccies as things progress too - some smashing lakeland scenary...truly makes me wanna whip out me watercolours...

keep'em coming old sausage, and have a great crimbo.

Unc said...

Hi Tom
You kept this quiet - looks like you are having a great time - except needing some lessons in tent erection! Have a great Chrimbo and love from us all