Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A fistful of rainbows on the Chimehuen

Here's some photos from the last couple of outings on the Rio Chimuhuen, and a few snaps from the mouth of the Rio Quiquehe, near beautiful Lago Lolog. The last couple of trips have been amazing. I've seen giant kingfishers, otters, and fished some truly spectacular water. Yesterday I bumped into a lovely English chap on the banks of the Chimehuen, in the middle of nowhere. What are the chances of that? Spent a brilliant day tussling with hard fighting trout in sparkling, azzure waters. I gather it's snowing in England.........oh well, I hope these photos warm your frosted function. A quick message to a special birthday girl too......Happy Birthday skid!!!!!!
I'm planning to do some cultural stuff at some point, but to be honest, with fishing like this on offer, some pile of old stones in Peru can wait.....after all, ruins don't just grow legs and bugger off, do they? Neither do trout for that matter, but the summer is short and there are all manner of lakes and rivers to explore in the next few months.
I love this country!!!!!!!!! Viva Argentina!
ps...Carter.....I may be dropping you a line to see if you can post me some flies out!

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tonyplant said...

Tom your old fella was in the shop yesterday and told me you were still skiving over in Argentina from your photos it looks like you need to sort out a bit of guiding work and earn some dosh as you are getting hungry eating your rod handle ! try holding the fish nearer to the camera they will look bigger !! (it always works for me !!) Tony P