Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lago Filo Hua Hum

After finishing my Spanish course I decided to rent a car and get someone else to drive it. A couple of lads from language school were suckered into the job, under the risible pretext that there would be some good hiking on offer. Little did they know that I was luring them like unsuspecting truchas to a really good fishing spot I'd been informed of. The wind was unbelievably strong but the surroundings were breathtaking, and the fishing was fantastic. Caught my first biggie of the holiday and had a brilliant time camping out in some remote and awe inspiring countryside. I had to spin fish most of the time due to the wind. Thanks to Carter for the killer lure he got me. It worked a treat as trout after trout hammered it, including a nice one caught in near pitch darkness. Notice that the fish a quite slim due to the time of year and spawning.