torstai 27. marraskuuta 2008

Fishing con moscas con Cyril

Here's some snaps from the beautiful Rio Chimehuen, a big, brawling river close to the town of Junin de los Andes. I lost a monster rainbow in a pool here. My new mate - a French Flyfishing guide named Cyril who is here for the big browns - has been giving me loads of useful advice on how to fish the big water. Here's a few snaps. This river is full of fish and I'll definitely be returning over the coming weeks to fish it again.

A lesson for a teacher in San Martin Los Andes

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself after Hua Hum and was well pleased to have my first decent trout under my belt as I arrived in the lovely mountain town of San Martin Los Andes. On my way to the hostel I was truly humbled to see these young 'pescadors' pulling out huge trout of the river using nothing more than a worm, a tin can and a piece of nylon. Fishing there was prohibited. Good work boys! I slipped them a few pesos for some new line and hooks and bid them farewell. I'm starting to feel a bit daft for spending all that money on fancy fishing gear!

Lago Filo Hua Hum

After finishing my Spanish course I decided to rent a car and get someone else to drive it. A couple of lads from language school were suckered into the job, under the risible pretext that there would be some good hiking on offer. Little did they know that I was luring them like unsuspecting truchas to a really good fishing spot I'd been informed of. The wind was unbelievably strong but the surroundings were breathtaking, and the fishing was fantastic. Caught my first biggie of the holiday and had a brilliant time camping out in some remote and awe inspiring countryside. I had to spin fish most of the time due to the wind. Thanks to Carter for the killer lure he got me. It worked a treat as trout after trout hammered it, including a nice one caught in near pitch darkness. Notice that the fish a quite slim due to the time of year and spawning.

Refugio Frey

With the rigours of the coming months in mind I decided to do a bit of hiking and get away from Bariloche for the weekend. I hooked up with a couple of really sound lads from Ireland and London respectively. We spent a brilliant day walking through scrub, forest and finally snow to get to some amazing scenery. I was knackered by the end and nearly had a high altitude whitey, but I gamely staggered back down to restore my frosted function with 'una copa de cerveza'. The day really opened my eyes to the majesty of Patagonia.


The next 2 weeks were spent in Bariloche, the 'gateway to Patagonia'. It was a bit like a massive version of Bowness-on-Windemere, except a bit prettier and a bit bigger. My mission was to learn Spanish at a language school, and try and get a bit of fishing done. The latter was more succesful than the former, but I learned a few new words nonetheless, and managed to bag my first trout of the trip. Here's some snaps from the fortnight. Ran into a few fishermen, and as you can see my teacher for the second week was.....excellent at explaining the ins and outs of the language. And quite fit.

Meeting Signor Calviello

I managed to make contact with aa Argentinian rod maker of some repute via the wonders of the interweb before departing, and ended up meeting up with him and his delightful family during my stay in Buenos Aires. Marcelo was lovely, and provided me with a mine of valuable information about Patagonia and the many streams , lakes and rivers it holds. We spent a really enjoyable afternoon discussing Argentina and the wonderful fishing here. A million thanks to a brilliant bloke. Here are some pictures from the afternoon. And a photo of a photo with Marcelo holding a massive trout. Happy days! The afternoon whet my appetite and I resolved to flee Buenos Aires for the green and pleasant land of Patagonia.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires ; a vast, sprawling metropolis of over 10 million people. Erm, sadly, I didn`'t manage to get my camera out much, but a brief summary nonetheless. Spent a week on the lash with people from all over the world, amongst them a Danish mathematician who turned out to be wierd and various malcontents from Western Europe. Here's some pictures of the better looking members of the motley contingent. The time flew by in a blur of Malbec and red meat.....I'm going to have severe cholestoral problems at this rate.

Leaving town

After a slightly tearful departure and a long journey punctuated by the feral grunts of the ronquiro - snorer- sat next to me, I finally found myself in South America, in the picturesque surroundings of Rio de Janeiro international airport. The ten hour wait for my connecting flight to Buenos Aires - ciudad de carne, chicas y vino tinto - was an absolute joy. Thus my voyage of piscatorial discovery commenced.

Right then, how does this thing work?

Just a quick post to get the cogs on motion. I'm currently trying to get some photos on my blog but that appears to be a futile quest as I have forgotten my camera.

I will be posting some photos in the next couple of days in order to create a pictorial chronical of my adventures thus far. Do you like my catchy new name for the blog, Carter?