Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hello my name is Tom

With lots of practice, hopefully I may be nearly as good at fishing as my friend Nick Carter


Time Seeker said...

Hey Tom -- I hope that the Spanish classes and the fishing are both going well! Post an update, will you?! :)

Megan (we met in Bariloche...)

neat said...

Hey bro!

so good to see you and read about your adventures..i love the progression from the land of red meat and vin tinto to into the wild..and how you become more serene and look happier the more spectacular the scenery is! Looks truly wonderful..i love the pic of you in the snow with your arms up just saying Yeeeeeeeeees to everything!

Makes me want to run and do cartwheels...

complimenti verramente che sei andata via..sara una della piu bel' esperienza della tua vede mondo e cosi bello e grande e ci sono cosi tanti personne da conoscere e sentiri e sei li in mezzo..che bello che bello che bello..

safe and happy travels tom...i will check on your bread bin when i up in manc for christmas....have a feeling one of the squirrels may have escaped..

much love